6 Excellent Ways to Make your Kitchen Look More Stylish and Expensive

Home makeover is not complete unless your kitchen is redecorated properly. Much like the living room is the heart of your home, the kitchen is its immune system and thus must be maintained functional, healthy and clean. But it should also be kept stylish. However, finding that elusive balance between functional and elegant is where most of us fail to deliver.  

Perhaps the most common obstacle when tackling this project is the fact that full-fledged kitchen renovation is rather expensive. Paying for brand new worktop, counters, base/wall units, backsplash, built-in and portable appliances and decorations can be quite overwhelming in terms of costs. Luckily, you don’t have to go outside your budget in order to refresh the look of your kitchen and take its design up a couple of notches. There are numerous efficient ways to make your kitchen feel new, stylish and more expensive, while keeping its functionality – without breaking a buck. 

Upgrade the Cabinet Hardware

It is likely that your kitchen features 3 different types of cabinet units: wall units, base units, and drawer cabinets. The easiest way to breathe new life in those is to upgrade their hardware in terms of pulls and knobs. If you feel like the design of your fronts is too monotonous, you can opt for pulls and knobs of different design and thereby bring new details into your cabinets’ décor. However, make sure you don’t go over the top as that way the look can easily become too chaotic.

Upgrade the Lighting

Choosing the right lighting can really tie your whole kitchen together. The very structure and design of your elements is what should dictate the way you upgrade the lighting. Instal light fixtures like chandeliers, pendants and/or built-in halogen lights in areas that you want to make stand out, and thus add personality and custom look to your kitchen. Have in mind that this task requires you to hire an experienced electrician who will tackle the technical aspects of the project. It is common for interior designers and electricians to work together, so it is highly recommended that you have a way to contact an electrician from Western suburbs, especially in Australia where it is against the law to fix and work on electrical installations and wiring on your own. 

Include Kitchen Accessories to Decorate the Look

You can achieve an expensive look and make your kitchen area pop up by adding a layer of decorative accessories that will adorn the room even further. Think wall ferns, personal mementos and decorative accessories that will introduce a personal touch to the entire design. Artwork is also more than welcome.

Add Plants and Greenery 

There’s no better way to liven up a room than adding some greenery to the mix. Scatter several plants across your kitchen and add some windowsill herbs to tie everything together. If your kitchen features and island or a counter, those areas definitely deserve some greenery as well. 

Stylish Stools Go a Long Way 

While we’re in the island/counter area, consider adding additional furniture items like stylish, minimal-design stools that will accommodate this part of your kitchen, both in terms of functionality and elegance.  

Hide the “Ugly” Stuff 

Every kitchen has certain items that are necessary to own, but are not exactly easy on the eyes. Think dirty sponges, washcloths, toasters, and other necessities that can make your kitchen look, well, less stylish. This issue can easily be tackled by simply putting these items away and storing them in less used cabinets or getting some decorative baskets/trays for this particular purpose. 

We hope these simple and somewhat DIY tricks prove helpful in your future kitchen renovation endeavors. In case we’ve missed some obvious tips that should’ve been included in this article, feel free to leave a comment.