How Do I Get Motivated To Exercise?

Making plans to workout is easier than exercising. Most people get caught up and just cannot follow through. Others simply do not enjoy it, and these are some of reasons to find something to push you towards their goal.

Unless you make some changes in your life, your fitness journey will never take off. check this out; we have a list of things to keep you motivated to exercise and make your goal a reality.

Shift Your Perspective

You should shift your mentality from being a lazy potato coach to an active athlete. It is not a huge leap if you think the benefits that come with the change. A good example is when you feel your schedule is too tight, workout during odd hours for your health. Here are some ideas to help you:


• Stop thinking of exercising as something hard, and instead, view it as a time to stay healthy. Besides you can take longer walks than before by avoiding the bus stop near you. Or take the stairs to your office instead of jumping into the lift.

• Exercises do not have to be in the gym. Some people hate how sweaty gyms can be. Use other options such as running, dancing, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

• You don’t need to be in love with exercises. It’s okay to do something that you do not like. Compare it to showering or brushing teeth, most people do not enjoy doing these things, but they still do them. The same thing applies to you; exercises are good for your health.

Have a Personalized Exercise Routine

Having an exercise routine means you stick to it. So, set up your system by deciding what time, where, and how you will exercise. Stick at it even if you do not feel like doing it. Over time, it becomes your routine. Here some ways to help you get started:


• Get an app to remind you when it’s time for exercises

• It doesn’t have to cost you. Run, hike, or take a walk if you do not have money to sign up with a gym. Besides, YouTube has many free guides to use in exercise routines.

• Half an hour is great for each day. Spending long hours of exercising can be tedious. But if you decide its 30 minutes, you will be motivated enough to extend sometimes.

• Enjoy different kinds of exercises. Save your favorites for days when you do not feel like doing much.

Get Support from Others

The best people to offer you support are your family and friends. Let them know you are struggling and need some motivation. You can also go online and join a community where fitness experts offer free advice. Meeting people with the same goal motivates you to keep moving especially when you see some who have already attained their fitness goals

Get motivated to exercise and set yourself up for better health, more energy, more happiness, and increased confidence.