Photography Blogs Every Newbie Needs to Follow

No one has the passion for learning, more than a newbie. The problem usually comes when it’s time to find a person to learn from. Over the years, we have seen a fair share of talented photographers. But, not all of them are willing to share their skills, tips or tricks with the newcomers. It could be because they don’t want competition, the reasons are quite uncertain.

However, there are those great photographers who feel the urge and importance to train and mentor newbies. Are you a newbie looking for the best photography blogs? Well, you are in the right place. This article will provide you with a list of photography blogs that every newbie should follow. In these blogs, you will learn a lot and get inspired to be a better photographer.

1. Photofocus Run by Scott Bourne

Have you ever heard of Scott Bourne? This is one of the best photography bloggers out there. He has been blogging about photography since 1998. Over the years he has taught thousands of newbies. His blog, Photofocus posts at least once per day.


The site has thousands of posts discussing photography tips, tricks, news, reviews and much more. You can also learn a thing or two from the active community on the blog who are always posting useful comments.

2. Strobist

Strobist is run by an excellent photographer known as David Hobby. He is a gifted photojournalist and writer. This is why his blog has become quite popular. The blog gets a readership of more than 300,000 people on a monthly basis. The content there is very helpful. It mostly touches on photography lighting techniques.

3. Chase Jarvis

You have probably heard of Chase Jarvis or seen some of his popular work. He is a living legend in the world of photography because he has worked with the likes of Pepsi, Nike, Apple, and Red Bull.

Despite having such a great reputation, Jarvis is one of the few photographers who has a heart of helping. His blog will take you into the world of Chase and how he gets things done. You can learn a lot from him.

4. Thomas Hawk

If you have had a passion for photography for a while, then you must have come across Thomas Hawk. His blog entails detailed topics about photography techniques and laws. He’s one of the best photographers that advocates for freedom in Photography.

5. Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt did a great job when he started Everything Everywhere in 2007. The blog covers the works of Gary’s photography as he tours the world. Eleven years down the line, he has visited more than 90 countries.


Everything Everywhere has a massive following this is due to the excellent photography content published there. His style of writing and approach to photography has inspired a lot of people. You too could learn something from him.

6. Scott Kelby

If you are eager to learn, Scott Kelby is the perfect teacher. He is the editor in chief of Photoshop User magazine and the head of National Association of Photoshop Professionals. He is a master in photography, and his blog can teach you a lot. Despite being a busy man, he always finds the time to post great and helpful content on his blog.

Photography blogs are ideal sources of information. Being a newbie can at times leave you feeling overwhelmed since you aren’t familiar with the basics. Finding the best photography blog on your own might not be easy, but you should make an effort of checking out the above.