New York Bar

New York Bars With the Best View

There could be nothing better than enjoying a stunning view while sipping your tasty cocktails. New York, however, is a city that excels exceptionally in this. With so many bars with beautiful views, it becomes quite challenging to decide which is ideal for you. We recommend that you try them all if you can.

However, if your time in this beautiful city is limited, you will probably not be able to sample them all. To save you the precious time, we have explored some of New York’s best rooftop bars for you. And here is a list of them to choose one.

1. The 230 Fifth

What’s a better way to enjoy this beautiful city than visiting its most large rooftop grill? 230 features a fully enclosed penthouse lounge and an extensive open garden rooftop.
 Bar on The Roof
It also faces the Manhattan venue that serves quite tasty cocktails with a delicious brunch buffet over the weekends. Its spectacular view of the Empire State and the Chrysler buildings will leave you yearning for more.

2. Salon de Ning at The Peninsula

Located at the top of this iconic building, this spectacular bar has a lot to go for. It is found 23 floors up where you feel like you are above and separated from New York. It serves all types of modern cocktails from tequila to Japanese whiskey high balls. If you also want to enjoy spirit spiked ice creams made exclusively from this hotel, then you can head out to this place.

3. Pod 51 rooftop Deck

Do you want to enjoy a drink on a budget in a High Bar New York? Then head over to this place. Pod 51, a funky hotel in Midtown, offers tasty cocktails at affordable prices.


Its upstairs deck also has oversized sun lounges, colorful chairs and picnic tables which makes it quite spectacular. Its upstairs is also open to guests only so you don’t have to worry about crowding. Besides, it is located conveniently along 230 East 51st Street.

4. Upstairs at the Kimberly

Located 30 floors above street level, Kimberly has the best setting for evening cocktails and private events. This spacious bar and lounge offers artistically inspired drinks and small bites while allowing you to enjoy a beautiful view of the Midtown Manhattan and the famous Chrysler.

5. The 54 bar Rooftop Lounge

If you stay around Times Square, you probably have heard about this one. Located above Hotel Hyatt Times Square New York, on the 54th floor, this bar is an excellent choice for you irrespective of the weather. They have an indoor lounge where you can relax in case of rain. And during a cold season, you can enjoy your cocktail from an outdoor lounge which has a fireplace. Besides, the owner strives to ensure that ingredients used on their cocktails are produced locally.

6. The Refinery Rooftop

Suited on the top of hotel Refinery, this pub extends up to 3,500 square feet of indoor-outdoor space. It has a parlour with fireplace and leather couches to ensure comfort while you drink your cocktail. The bar with a retractable roof and a summery alfresco terrace offers you an excellent view of Manhattan Skyline. Also, guests get the opportunity to enjoy naturally handcrafted cocktails and delicious New American dishes.


New York is home to a hundred rooftop bars that have beautiful views. And frankly, we recommend that you sample all of them. But in case you are in New York for just a short time, you can visit any of the ones we’ve mentioned above and get to enjoy a beautiful view while slurping your tasty cocktails.