Best Restaurants In Astoria NYC

Astoria is a residential part of the New York City. And like any other residential areas, the food here is available in a wide range of varieties. If you are planning to visit Astoria, the type and quality of food you will feed on will be part of your experience. While in the city, you can decide to take tasty Italian or Greek sushi for your lunch, to the most common meals at Astoria.

And as you walk around Astoria, you shall have plenty of restaurants you can take your meals. However, this can be a bit disturbing and confusing. In this article, therefore, we discuss the top 5 best restaurants in Astoria New York City.

1. Porsche Grille

Porsche Grille formerly known as the Acela Club finds its location at the Citi Field. The restaurant offers updated menu list on their market tables. In the menu, they also include the la carte entrees options for dinner meals. Children and dessert menus are also available in the selection.


The restaurant features three seating areas, Tiers and Porch, and the main dining room. Booking a reservation for Tiers and Porch is made through the reservation service line 718-565-4333. In the main dining room, you can seat as a group of two to twenty guests at the same table. Tiers and Porch serves 2-4 people per seat with a clear view of the fields. The restaurant also offers premium Tear and Porch services at an additional cost of $10 per seat.

2. Taverna Kyclades

The second best restaurant in Astoria NYC is Taverna Kyclades. If you are looking for a place to take the best Greek food tastes, Taverna restaurant in Astoria is the place to be. The hotel serves in a family style, and its dishes are full of seafood.

Here, you will access different types of whole fish or the grilled octopus meals. And don’t give up when you find the restaurant in its full capacity. If you consider waiting for your table, you might be lucky to be poured with free wine or beer drinks.

3. Vesta Trattoria and Wine Bar

If you are looking for a place to take the best pizza, drinks or the Italian design cuisine, Vesta Trattoria and Wine Bar is the place to be. They are continually updating their menus with comfort foods. They also serve freshly made farm-to-table fare. Have a taste of some kales, watermelons, tasty beef or the veal lasagna here.


You can also bring your family to enjoy their oven-baked pizza prepared right in the restaurant. Visiting the restaurant between 5 and 7 p.m every week will likely earn you a discount. There are more additional luxurious services over the weekend. A restaurant is an ideal place for family and friend outing.

4. Artopolis Bakery

If you are looking for a baked good restaurant full of family and children snacks, Artopolis Bakery is the place to be. Their bakery services also serve the best cups of strong coffee.

The hotel is in a strip mall around the northern Astoria in New York City. In the restaurant, they will serve you with sweet and savory pastries baked in the Greek style. The restaurant’s coffee is stronger and in the Turkish making style.

5. Sugar Freak

If you love the Egyptian style food, sugar Freak is the place to be. The restaurant is well spaced and makes you feel terrific being here. It’s is always packed with family and friend groups sharing jambalaya and crawfish boil meals.

The music here is loud to distract your mind and get you relaxing. It is a perfect design for big groups and parties. During the beautiful weather, the hotel also offers plenty of outdoor seating services.


Whether you want to have a drink or a meal with your family and friends, you want to have it in a reputable restaurant. It enhances on your experience in your stay at Astoria. Consider making your stay in New York more fantastic, by visiting one of the above top 5 best hotels in Astoria.