Best Organic Food Restaurants in Australia

The world is changing at a very fast pace, and we are completely ruining our planet. However, it’s not only the planet that we are destroying, but our own bodies as well. Due to the fast pace of life and so many different options to choose from, the food that we eat is often just cheap, and not of good quality. This is why it’s better to switch to organic food, just to be sure that you’re eating all the right things. However, the game doesn’t stop there, as it’s quite difficult to try and find real organic food that you have been looking for. In the sea of organic food restaurants, you need to find the best and the healthiest ones. Australia is home to many organic food restaurants, among which are some of the best ones, not only in that country but in the world as well. Which ones you should have an open eye for?

Peel Street

Somewhere in Adelaide on Peel Street, you can have amazing lunch or dinner made out of organic food of the highest quality. Why is Peel Street different? This restaurant is not only a place that offers organic food, but it’s also full of Asian and Middle Eastern flavors. The kitchen is open for everyone to see, which means that they have nothing to hide. All the dishes are extremely ravishing and fresh, and if you happen to be there, don’t miss out on their signature dish. Speaking of those, make sure to try the banana blossom salad, the halloumi with za’atar roasted dates and tahini. This mixture of flavors will leave you completely mesmerized, and the fact that the food that you eat is extremely healthy and natural is also a plus. Moreover, you will be wining and dining in a very aesthetically pleasing space. However, bear in mind that even though you can have lunch there any day of the working week, you won’t be able to dine there on Tuesdays and Sundays. The prices are moderate, so you will definitely be able to find something in all the price ranges.

The Botanica Vaucluse

If you love herbs and spices, then you definitely need to check this spectacular restaurant. Not only is The Botanica Vaucluse a place where you could eat some of the tastiest organic dishes ever, but it’s also a place where you could relax and recharge your batteries. The Botanica Vaucluse is completely different from other restaurants, and the biggest reason behind this is that it has its own farm, so everything is locally grown which is proof of their quality. Moreover, if you feel like relaxing, you can also opt for visiting their amazing spa in Eastern Suburbs that you will most definitely enjoy. The Botanica Vaucluse is not only a great place for lunch and dinner, but they also serve amazing breakfasts and you can also pop in there to have a drink. The menus very often depend on the season, but you will always find something worth trying. The prices are rather justifiable, so don’t miss this spot if you happen to be close.

Wandering Cooks

Apart from many other things, South Brisbane is home to one of the best organic food restaurants in the vicinity, the Wandering Cooks. Wandering Cooks is a bit cheaper than the other two restaurants, yet the quality of food is definitely the same. This is a restaurant that you should visit during the day, mainly because of the amount of light it receives, and it’s very comfortable sitting there, in the industrial atmosphere surrounded with plenty of plants. You feel healthier as soon as you enter. Once there, don’t miss out on their signature dish – the breakfast with Echo Valley eggs. You will be in love with it.

There are plenty of places around Australia and the world where you can have high-quality organic dishes, but if you’re not sure which ones are worthy, try checking out these three if you have the chance. You will not make a mistake, nor will you regret your decision.