Major holiday festivals in USA

The US is among the most powerful countries in the world. This makes it a center of interest worldwide. Their holiday festivals also strike interest. Most of US holidays festivals hold a historical, political or traditional foundation from the many ethnic groups or religious beliefs. Food is a common factor in all festivals-family dishes inspired by traditional recipes.

The holiday party also characterizes these festivals. The people of US treasure these annual events that they begin preparations months or weeks before. The holiday festivals in the USA are as follows;

1.Valentine’s Day on 14th February.

Valentine’s day did not historically originate from America. However, the version of Valentine’s day that we celebrate in the world has its roots from American beliefs and traditions. In the USA, couples use this day to proclaim love. They give each other candy and rose flowers among other gifts. Usually, you gift your spouse with something they love.

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Americans also send their dear ones special Valentine greetings to prove how precious and special they are. The people of America mark this day in numerous ways including evening dates and trips abroad. Most countries buy these ideas from the USA.

2.Independence Day on 4th July.

Being the main holiday in the USA, Independence Day is a holiday set to celebrate the declaration of independence.Americans commemorate this national holiday with friends and family with Independence Day parades and celebrations.

When the weather is good, Americans love to mark the day with barbecues and evening fireworks. This holiday merely is less formal.

3.The Halloween on 31st October.

Halloween is a festival very popular in the USA. The Irish immigrants are the origin of the festival. The Irish immigrants would celebrate it the evening before the Catholic festival of All Saints’ Day-the festival that was to remember those souls that didn’t make it to heaven. It is believed to be the root for the use of skulls(representative symbol). It also has brought up more symbols for decay and death.


Today, the festival is marked by dressing creative but scary clothes. Americans also attend parties. Carved pumpkins in Halloween are a clear sight. Children also engage in ‘trick-or-treat’ where they go from home to home to collect candy. If you give nothing, you are in for some tricks and pranks from the kids.

Thanksgiving every 4th Thursday of each November.

Thanksgiving is believed to have come up in 1621. This was when the first colonists from New England and the Native American joined hands to celebrate a huge feast to mark the end of the first harvest. Most people do not believe in this story, but Americans have made the festival real. The holiday is meant to mark the end of a harvest which was particularly very crucial in the historical agrarian society(US).

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Thanksgiving is celebrated with close friends and extended family members.Even those in other countries come home to celebrate this day. Cranberry sauce, turkey, sweet potatoes among other foods are traditionally served on this day. Americans spend the day cooking, watching a football game on a TV set or Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

These holiday festivals are so special to the people of America. They have also influenced other countries with their mode of celebration.