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What Type Of Food Is Pan Asian

As the food trends continue to sparkle online debates worldwide, competition and experimentation of food are at its core, with many hotels and restaurants coming with phrases to describe a kind of food. This helps diners to identify the food they are ordering though the phrases could puzzle these customers at times. One of these food types that is making headlines it the pan Asian cuisines.

What is Pan Asian cuisine?

Pan African cuisines refer to several distinguishable dishes that come from the eastern culture. In a restaurant establishment, “Pan-Asian” does not necessarily mean foods from Asian cultures but rather those from the eastern culture. The eastern countries mainly consist of the food that comes from China, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.


Each of these countries has foods that make up the cuisine. There are many hotels and restaurants in the world, such as bao restaurant in Fort Lauderdale that offers diners a taste of best pan African food.

The staple food in Pan Asian diets is rice, noodles, and beans. The individual pan Asian countries have the following meals in their cuisines:

1. Chinese cuisines

Chinese cuisines are the most popular and attract most people to pan African cuisines. The cuisine includes wontons, dumplings, Chow Mein, congee, Peking Duck, and sweet and sour pork. All these food plus hoisin sauce forms Chinese cuisine.

2. Japanese Cuisines

For Japanese cuisines, sushi and miso soup are the most popular food. Gyoza that comes from dumplings and any food fried in tempura butter is part of the Japanese cuisine without forgetting the Togarashi powder.

3. Korean cuisine

Korean cuisines are one of the most popular with kimchi being the most popular staple food. Als, Bibimbap, veggie, egg dish, and rice are part of Korean cuisine. Also, don’t forger Galbi, which is marinated meat that a chef cooks over an open flame.

4. Taiwanese cuisine

Bao is the most famous Taiwanese meal in most Asian restaurants.

5. Thai cuisine


Thai cuisine is one of the most popular in Asian cuisine with food such as green and red curries coming from Thai. Also, Pad Thais, Tom Yum soups, satays, and spicy papaw salads are Thai foods.

6. Vietnamese cuisine

The Vietnamese cuisine has Pho, Banh mi, fresh spring rolls, and Bun cha in its cuisine.

Pan Asian food trends are fast coming with people going for the cuisines from different Asian countries. Grab a pan African cuisine today and enjoy the delicious treats from the eastern cultures.