How Many Calories Are In A Chinese Hot Pot

Hot pot party is one of the things that makes a Chinese happier than the Chinese New Year festival. It has been an essential part of Chinese dining culture for many centuries. The Chinese hot is affordable and easy To prepare. Plus, a group of people can share so many ingredients and hence everybody has the chance To enjoy their favourites and try out a variety of new things.

You might be looking forward To your Chinese hot pot dinner, but do you know how many calories go into your hot pot? Here is a look at the calories in a Chinese hot pot.

Average Calorie Content


Due To the sheer number of ingredients options in a Chinese hot pot, we can only have a rough estimate of the calorie content in an average hot pot. According To a nutritionist, one serving about two cups of a chinese hot pot in NYC containing Tofu, scallions, sirloin and others contain more calories.

Calories per Ingredient

97 calories of Mussels, (2 oz)

56 calories of Shrimp, cooked, (2 oz)

33 calories of Clam, steamed (12 small), (0.25 serving)

Four calories of Bamboo shoots, cooked, (0.25 cup)

Two calories of Scallions, raw, (a small one)

Eight calories of College Inn Chicken Broth – 99% Fat-Free, (0.50 cup)

205 calories of White Rice, long-grain, cooked, (1 cup)

38 calories of Tofu, soft, (0.25 cup (1/2″ cubes))

89 calories of Cod (fish), five calories of Summer Squash, (0.25 cup, sliced)

0 calories of Water, tap, (1.50 cup)



The Chinese hot pot is a perfect meal for social gathering. The choice of broth and ingredients are the key To a delicious Chinese hot pot. Now you know the number of calories you are putting away in your Chinese hot pot.