Photoshop 101: What You Need to Know

For a long time now, technology has been confusing many due to its rapid growth. Some can catch up with the speed while others are just left behind. Photoshop is one such technology.

Photoshop is an application for image editing that was first developed in 1988 by Adobe. It is an application available on both Mac and Windows.

Photoshop enables you to edit images and make them unbelievably real. But how does photoshop work? All you require to get started is a Windows or Mac computer. This is the primary tool. You also need the Photoshop application. The Photoshop application is quite expensive to own.

learning photo shop

The only way to acquire it cheaply is during seasons when the dealer gives student discounts. A free alternative of Photoshop is Gimp. It can not compare to Photoshop on final results but can get you started.

Below we have the photoshop guides to get you started;

Step 1: Getting started.

When you want to Photoshop, you have first to create a Photoshop document.All this is done through selecting File>New. After that, set the canvas size.

Essentially, when you download a photo from the internet, its size will match the canvas size. Once you have the image you want to work on, you should Copy and Paste it to the canvas window.

Step 2: Move Marquee Tool (M) and Tool (V).

When you paste a picture on Microsoft word, there is a Move Tool that appears. The shortcut of Move Tool is ‘V.’When you select the Move Tool, boxes will come up on spaces between the corners and on every corner. Click and hold the box at the edge of your image to re-size it.


After that, use the Marquee Tool(M) to chop down the picture. The (M) will enable you to create moving dashes(Marching ants). You can copy, cut, paste or occasionally delete what is left outside or inside this box.

When the Marquee tool is selected you can;

a)Create a 1:1 ratio box by holding shift and dragging this box around your picture.
b)Make a non-ration selection by dragging without holding the Shift button.
c)Select a Fixed Ration using the Style drop-down menu.

After what you want is selected, cut away what you did not select choosing Select Inverse & Command+X.

Step 3: Quick Selection Tool(W).

Quick Selection Tool(W) is used to paint above the image to select the background. When you mess, you use Edit>Undo.

Step 4: Crop Tool.

This tool is almost similar to the Quick Select Tool(W). Quick Tool Select will enable set new parameters of the created box. Crop Tool(C) will alter the canvas dimension. Quick Select (W) deletes the layer part you select while Crop Tool (C) deletes the canvas and everything else outside.

Step 5: Brush Tool(B).

This tool is just a brush. You will use it to paint, but you must first create a new layer on top of your picture’s layer. You create a new layer by just clicking on the button located on the bottom of the layers. After all, this is done you use the Erase Tool(E) to fine-tune your work.

This is just part of the Photoshop 101 that you should know as a beginner. Practice the above step before getting to the complicated part.