Where to Find Best Frozen Pastries

Where to Find Best Frozen Pastries

Freezing technology has greatly improved and because of this many people are seeking out for frozen foods. Frozen pastries do not only offer the convenience of eating at the comfort of your home but also save you the fueling cost since they are ready to be eaten.

But you really have to be extra careful when choosing the places you buy these pastries from for your stomach’s sake. Here are some of the best places you can buy pastries that are frozen.

J & J Snack Foods Corp

For soft, warm and delicious frozen pastries look no further than J & J Snack Foods. Their foods are rich in fiber and also provide a variety of whole grain products for you. Not to mention they also have a number of sizes that are packed individually as well as bulky. Whether you are looking for nuggets, or bun sticks or any other type of pastry for that matter you can be sure to find it here. All you have to do is heat and serve.

Golden Crust Pastries

This family-owned business is the best for you to buy your pastries from. With more than 20 years of experience, you can be sure that they are just no ordinary ones. They’re ready to bake products and make them stand out.


They use advanced weighing and traceability technology to ensure that you are completely satisfied. You can find their pastries in different forms at local bakeries and supermarkets.

Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen

For all vegans, this is by far the best pastry shop you can go to. They have been able to give a great taste even without using butter and eggs. Whether you are looking for a mini muffin loaf or a vegan pizza or any other kind of pastry, you can get it here at Whole Earth.

Frozen Pastries

Their customer relations is one of a kind and they ensure that you are not only left satisfied but also happy. For the health conscious people, you don’t have to worry as they use organic ingredients to ensure that you enjoy your pastry.

Arcade Bakery

You may easily bypass this bakery shop because it is hidden in an office building. But once you get yourself in this French bakery, you will not be able to decide which pastry you really want. They offer a variety of pastries all which are cooked with very skilled chefs. From savory bread to sandwiches and croissants, Arcade Bakery is the place to buy from.

The goods are baked and served by Roger Gural, former head-baker at famous Thomas Keller Bouchon bakery. All the pastries are fresh, soft and mouthwatering.

Baked and Wired

When it comes to baked stuff, this shop in Washington Dc is unmatchable. With so many combinations of flavors, their intent is to make everyone happy. Also, they give very unique names to their pastries something that attracts more clients. For example, they name their chocolate cake ‘Pretty Bitchin’ and there is also the Big Ass and Small Ass sugar cookies. It is one of the reasons why customers are always smiling in there.


There are many other excellent places you can buy your frozen pastries from. But make sure if you are not going there to get the pastries yourself, you, first of all, do research on the reputation of that particular pastry shop so that you are not disappointed with your order.