Most Popular Balkan Dishes

Balkan is famous for its quality vegetables, dairy products, and mild spices. It is a region that is also gaining popularity as one of the most visited tourist destinations globally. Balkan food is tasty, fresh and healthy. It’s no surprise its cuisines are quite famous.

Pork and chicken are the most common types of meat here, although lamb has a special place in Balkan cuisines. Seafood, fish, and veal dishes are also popular in traditional Balkan cooking. So if you’re thinking of visiting this region, below are their most delicious meals to try.


Originally from the Macedonian mountain villages, Ajvar is one of the most delicious Balkan meals. More of a relish than a meal, it is prepared from ground red-bell pepper, then baked on a low heat with spice and oil. It can be served with a freshly baked white bread and homemade white sirene cheese.


Quite a tasty meal, Ajvar has become very popular in the nearby regions. If you also like it spiced, you can add garlic, eggplants, and chili to taste.


Traditionally from the Balkanian Peninsula countries, kebapi are made from minced beef and pork, then mixed with a funnel and grilled. It is a popular meal usually served with chopped onions, white bread, diced red pepper, and salt. Such a great meal, you can’t afford to overlook it.


While the Middle East has a version of it, the best is found in Bosnia. Kajmak is a dairy product that is commonly used as cheese. Even though it lacks a sharp taste, Kajmak is very creamy and goes well with other dishes.

It is considered an appetizer and is served with sweet pepper in a vinegar sauce. It is also versatile in that you can take it for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Commonly used on pizza, bread, and jam, and sausage, it’s sure to complement any dish and in a special way.

Suho Meso

This is another great Serbian food with a prosciutto-like texture. It is air-dried meat that can be served with bread, cheese or eaten alone. Although they describe it as lean meat, it isn’t hard or overly chewy.


It can be used as a pizza topping or easily paired with mushrooms and kajmak. Besides its tasty recipes, it’s their version of charcuterie.


This is one of the most common Balkan dishes always different depending on the region. Common in the former Ottoman Empire cuisines, Burek is a traditional pastry baked with sirene cheese and minced meat or vegetables. It goes great with the Balkan yogurt and is an ideal meal when traveling.

Although it is primarily bread and meat, the way it is prepared makes it come out super delicious. Often shaped in a spiral, the result is always tasty and unique.

Turli Tava

This meal consists of rice, okra, potatoes, carrots, eggplant, peppers, pork, beef or lamb. It is a common dish in Macedonia and the neighboring countries. Baked in a traditional oven, its taste is highly addictive.


There is no finer tradition than the making of the Balkan cuisines. They are as rich as the souls of the Balkanian people. Their dishes, like the colors, represent their hospitality and rich spirituality. Whether you prefer light or hearty meals, they will always be savory.

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