Modern Interior Design Trends

It’s not easy to keep up with all the ever-changing trends, especially since some of them change at a pace that is too fast to follow. Although interior design trends may not be as volatile as those related to clothes, they still change and having a modern home now doesn’t mean it will stay like that in the years to come. On the contrary, it’s bound to become out-of-fashion.

So, if you’re planning a renovation or have just bought a new home, you need to have a look at the current and anticipate future trends if you wish to have a fashionable and functional home. Here are just some of the trends that have been anticipated to dominate this and the years to come.


With people becoming increasingly worried about leading healthier lifestyles, they are also trying to design kitchens that would focus on simplicity and would be pleasing to the eye. The kitchen needs to be well-organized, uncluttered and tranquil. The more natural light, the better, because you want your kitchen to be light and airy, so that you can feel relaxed while using it.


The bathroom has also become a place or relaxation, where you can unwind after a hard day. Still, it needs to be highly practical and uncluttered. Remember that it is a room devoted to your personal wellbeing, a kind of sanctuary from the hectic modern life. Therefore, designers are going for calming environments in terms of choosing colors and materials used in the bathroom.


There are few elements that have such a strong impact on the overall design like colors. The choice of colors reflects the personality of the people living in the home. While some bold and daring colors are still welcome to accentuate a feature, the trend in this respect is to turn to gentle pastels and self-assured neutrals. We are talking about those colors that are soft and composed, creating a sense of tranquility, such as various shades of apricot, pale bronze, dusky rose and pale gold.


We’ve witnessed that a more rebellious and non-conformist approach is gathering pace, which is probably a reaction to the numerous radical changes that we have all witnessed and experienced in our life. Spontaneity and creativity are favored more than ever and the focus is on multi-practicality, i.e. products are more adaptable and patterns are more dynamic. Still, if you don’t feel that these trends are reflecting your personality, don’t follow them blindly, but rather accept what works for you and reject what doesn’t.


With everything in our lives getting smarter, appliances had to follow suit. You need to go for those that are most economical, yet provide the service you expect from them. If you are in doubt about which appliances provide the best value for money, look for expert advice, such as this reliable freezer buying guide. Luckily, there are more products to choose from than ever and you shouldn’t have problems finding exactly what you need for the price range you can afford.


Technological breakthroughs have made it possible for us to use many different materials to equip our homes. However, we can safely assume that the trend of bringing as much nature as possible to homes will continue in the future. So, you can’t go wrong with wood, stone, bricks and other natural material, preferably sourced locally to lower the impact on the environment.


Believe it or not, designers are paying more attention to the ceiling than in the past several decades. They are now expressively painted, wallpapered and covered with molding or, basically, treated in every way you can imagine to leave a strong visual impact, thus stealing the thunder from traditional accent walls.

Curved furnishings

They have been quite unpopular for decades, but they are back! Rigid lines are now seen as boring and predictable, so curved furnishings are the preferred choice at the moment. Curved lines are used on tabletops and rugs alike, but they are most prominent when it comes to sofas and seating.


Geometrical patterns might be your go-to element and nobody can dispute that. Their symmetrical harmony is classic, but if you really wish to have a modern home in 2019, you might want to consider ethnic and tribal-inspired prints, as well. They provide warmth and familiarity and give a lot of character to the room. However, you need to be aware that such elements go out of fashion roughly after a decade.


The trend that has preoccupied our lives is also prominently present in interior design. We are trying to have as little impact on our planet and its resources, which is why the use of reclaimed and recycled material is highly desirable. So, if you can re-use marble, stone or timber, do it. Choose energy-saving appliances and plant walls whenever possible when designing your home to help preserve the Earth.

Needless to say, there are other trends that will dominate this year when it comes to interior design, but these are possibly the most prominent ones and if you really wish to have a modern and trendy home, you should follow them.