About Us

This site aims to prove that the key to good health lies in your food. We have assembled a collection of regular and guest writers who know pretty much everything about this. Yet we also believe that food should be a pleasure and that it is possible to indulge in a healthy and enjoyable way.

We intend to use the techniques used in professional kitchens to deliver amazing tasting food – and believe us, it isn’t all about adding more butter and salt! Dining at home can be done easily, and well, by reducing wastage and through a little planning ahead. By igniting an interest in food we are certain you will love cooking once again, and dine well week after week.

Our restaurant team is far from your typical restaurant ‘experts’ you’ll find on Trip Advisor. They’re experienced within the industry and know exactly what to look for in spotting a fantastic establishment. Ever had a bad recommendation from a restaurant owner? Nor have we – and this is where to learn from some of the best in the business.