5 Reasons You Should be Using Lightroom Presets

With the advent of technology, the tech-savvy generation wants thing fast and easy. For this reason, more advanced photo editing features have been borne whereby you perfect your photoshoots with Lightroom presets. A lightroom preset encompasses all aspects of photo edits bundled up inside Lightroom. The combined photo edits take effect in one single click. By this, your work becomes easier and efficient.

You save time and money while you do Lightroom presets. This is unlikely to the traditional photo editing where you had to do the edits one by one.

Lightroom presets the artistic way of enhancing the overall beauty of your photos. You get organized and enticing pictures that leave your friends with awe. You can check out on the most recent presets on

Light Room Review the available Lightroom presents to enable you to make the best decision on what presets to use. Besides saving time, there are plenty of reasons why you should use Lightroom presets. They include;

1. You boost your creativity

Using Lightroom presents acquaints you with the basic skills of photo editing. Here you get to know the features of a perfect photo. Also, you get firsthand knowledge on the style and the edits made. As you review other people’s photos, you get to understand how the presets have been used.

Hence you can imitate the setting on your photos and get to understand the principle behind. Thus, it is the ideal platform where you can try new ideas.

2. Variety

There different presents which can get used for a single photo. Hence, you can never run out of ideas. If one present doesn’t go well with the photo, there are still more options you can choose. The good thing is that the presets are easy to use, and you can try out all of their effects in a minute.

3. Consistency

With Lightroom preset, you are guaranteed that pictures from a different function assume the same editing. This means that, with only one photo from a particular function, you can make all the other pictures taken for the same event have the same edits.

4. Easy watermarking

With Lightroom preset, the hassle is less frustrating. The program has an inbuilt watermark which takes effect with just a few clicks. Also, you will fancy the setting since you can also create your watermark mark by selecting a picture of choice and saving it as the predefined watermark.

5. Healing and Cloning

Lightroom presets helps you create a copy of your photo whereby you get to do the edits. You can still recover the original photo, however. If the photo had defects, lightroom streamlines all aspects of the photo. It has cloning and healing features which removes all the defects to give you quality photos that have improved clarity.


Lightroom presets features plenty of inbuilt tools such as Google Maps and Geotags. These enable you to organize your photos based on the location. The features are enthralling, and they will get you absorbed trying to get the best out of your pictures. If you want to go big, you must take your time since all these features are fantastic.

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